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Top Five Chrome Apps

Want the most effective tools to use while using Google Chrome?
Now that the Chrome App Web Store  has been redesigned to make almost everything seem appealing, I thought I would give some helpful hints about what the real download-worthy apps were. Here are my recommendations:

1. Rapportive

Works in Gmail to allow you to view more information about a contact alongside emails from them.  No more hunting through facebook,  twitter, linked in, or mail chimp accounts to assemble supplemental contact info.  This saves time by showing it all in one screen.

2. Ad Block

Reduce the noise that you have to wade through online and turn the ads off.

3. Mail Checker Plus for Google Mail

Allows you to see a tally of the unread messages in your inbox and even read them without leaving the current tab.

4. Blog This! 

If you want to blog regularly and use Blogger, this is for you.  It enables you to write a blog post based on a web page you are viewing in one click.

5. Web Developer

Allows you to have more information about the page you are viewing by adding various tools like color picker, ruler and css revealer in a user-friendly, compact assortment.

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